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Sangram Keshari Senapati

Friends calls me Gapu (Who talks a lot) but not talkative. Love to frame everything to satiate my photography appetite. Engineer, but playing with words to rediscover myself. Driven by technology but gluing into my Culture. Promoting Food, Tourism and Culture of Odisha. Blogging but not a writer. A dune of time waiting for life.

  • Birth Date: 10 January 1995
  • Nilok, Bonth, Bhadrak, Odisha
  • +91-7008899643, +91-9853504944
Sangram Kehsari Senapati

Quote of My Life

"No cage of conviction, soaring high in the sky of imagination. Sometimes into oblivion."

Photographer 50%
Blogger 70%
Wikimedian 95%
Wordpress 60%

Founder of Shubhapallaba

I'm the founder of Online Odia Magazine Shubhapallaba which is publishing quterly since January 2018 and now exapanded to English, Bangla and Sanskrit.

Wiki Loves Love

In 2019, in the photographic competition on Wikimedia Commons, I got the 3rd position in Indian and 6th position in World.

Wiki Year

Since July 2017 I'm writing everyday contineously on Odia Wikipedia and continueing. I'm the 3rd person in the world to complete 2 wikiyears.

Founder of My Photography

I'm the founder of My Photography, a photography club where we share photographs with stories as well as blogs from diffrent places.

1st Audio Maagzine

In 2017, after the 1st edition of Shubhapallaba, we had started recording the published articles and upload them on YouTube.

Fast support

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Odia Wiki Articles
Successful projects
  • I got verified on IMDb

    I got verified on IMDb

    I got verified on IMDb

    In 2020, I had listed my 1st documentary video on IMDb and now in 2021, I claimed my own IMDb profile with IMDb pro; so people could view my photo on IMDb.

  • I have designed an Odia Podcast App ShubhaVani

    I have designed an Odia Podcast App ShubhaVani

    I have designed an Odia Podcast App ShubhVani for Shubhapallaba Radio

    There was an idea to launch our own website or app for the Odia Podcasts since 2018 when we launched Shubhapallaba Magazine. And here it is the Shubhapallaba Radio has launched as the ShubhaVani app.

    After assembling a personal computer, I started learning Flutter and the basics of Android Development. And with the help of my friend Suman I've designed this ShubahVani app.

    ShubahVani is a podcast website available on and after launching the website, he started working on the Android app, and successfully we have launched it for the readers of Shubhapallaba Magazine.

    Though this app is not available on Google Playstore due to some financial issues, some users have installed this on their mobile phones and using it.

    Download ShubhaVani Odia Podcast app from Shubhapallaba Store

    At the initial stage, we're uploading those old recorded podcasts with some basic edits (if needed) to the website and automatically it fetched to the App. Apart from that, we have some new podcasts to upload.

    While uploading Odia podcasts to the ShubhaVani app, we are also sharing those different podcasting platforms like Anchor FM, Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, Audible, Jio Saavan, etc to get a rich audience.

  • I have assembled a PC under 50K

    I have assembled a PC under 50K

    I have assembled a PC under 50K

    For my works, I have assembled a personal computer for under 50 thousand rupees. Since 2012 I was dependent on my Dell Insprano 15 Laptop and it's the time for the upgradation.

    Since 2015 I was trying to learn Android Studio, but due to lack of infrastructure, I was unable to do that. In 2017, I got a Chromebook from the Google team through Wikimedia India and CIS-A2K.

    Previously in 2020, I had modified my old Dell Laptop by replacing the HDD with an SSD and adding an extended 4 GB new RAM for better performance.

    But still, I couldn't make that possible, so this time I have decided to buy a new one. Within my budget, it was not easy to get a laptop, so I go for a desktop. I took help from some of my friends.

    After consulting with some friends, watching more than 200 YouTube videos, and contacting some dealers all over India, I had decided to buy the RYZEN 5 3600 processor. Online e-commerce stores were showing a huge amount and that amount was growing day by day.

    So, I had decided to buy from the shopkeeper; but the price was still high. Finally, I got a good deal at Bhadrak only. Apart from the processor, we took a 16GB RAM, 2 GB graphics card, and the motherboard from Gigabyte.

    Actually, the assemble of the CPU was costing less than 50K, but then I had decided to upgrade the motherboard with a gaming processor, so the cost increased a little bit. Apart from the CPU, I got a new monitor of 21 inches which is perfect for my work.

  • I became an Authorized Book Publisher

    I became an Authorized Book Publisher

    I became an Authorized Book Publisher

    In 2021, I became an authorized book publisher and published the 1st paperback with an ISBN number. The 1st book we have published under Shubhapallaba Publication is Shankhanada.

    It was started in 2016 when I joined the editorial team of our college Magazine Quasar at Bhawanipatna. Then the plan was to publish my own magazine and it happened in 2018 with the help of Tapas bhai and lots of friends.

    In 2020, I had published the 1st e-book under Shubhapallaba Publication during Raja Parba. This book was published without an ISBN number and is available on Shubhapallaba Store as well as Google Books and Google Playstore.

    Before this, I had tried to publish a book for Kindle. That book was not under any publication house, it's a self-published book. During Durga puja 2019, I had published this photobook in Odia and it was the 1st Odia book on Amazon Kindle. But due to their language issues, they had removed that book from Kindle in 2021.

    After publishing ebooks, we tried to publish paperbacks in 2021 and for that, we got the ISBN approval for the publication house. Shankhanda, a story collection by Pramod Kumar Panda is the 1st paperback of Shubhapallaba Publication.

    We had planned for an online zoom call to inaugurate Shankhanada. Guests like writer Dr. Sulagna Mohanty, Binay Mohapatra, Dr. Trupti Ranjan Das, news presenter Itishree Nayak, journalist Saumya Parida, Mayuresh Das, and more than 50 Odia readers had joined this meeting from different places.

    The news about Shankhanda's inauguration was published in different newspapers like Prameya, Dharitri, Swadhikara, Odisha Diary, Enews Insights, etc.


    I'm writing the blogs on my phogoraphy website, where I'm collecting different photographs and writing for those photographs.


    At: Nilok, Po: Begana,
    Via: Bonth, Dist: Bhadrak,
    Odisha, Pin: 756114



    +91 7008899653
    +91 9853504944