• I have assembled a PC under 50K

    I have assembled a PC under 50K

    For my works, I have assembled a personal computer for under 50 thousand rupees. Since 2012 I was dependent on my Dell Insprano 15 Laptop and it's the time for the upgradation.

    Since 2015 I was trying to learn Android Studio, but due to lack of infrastructure, I was unable to do that. In 2017, I got a Chromebook from the Google team through Wikimedia India and CIS-A2K.

    Previously in 2020, I had modified my old Dell Laptop by replacing the HDD with an SSD and adding an extended 4 GB new RAM for better performance.

    But still, I couldn't make that possible, so this time I have decided to buy a new one. Within my budget, it was not easy to get a laptop, so I go for a desktop. I took help from some of my friends.

    After consulting with some friends, watching more than 200 YouTube videos, and contacting some dealers all over India, I had decided to buy the RYZEN 5 3600 processor. Online e-commerce stores were showing a huge amount and that amount was growing day by day.

    So, I had decided to buy from the shopkeeper; but the price was still high. Finally, I got a good deal at Bhadrak only. Apart from the processor, we took a 16GB RAM, 2 GB graphics card, and the motherboard from Gigabyte.

    Actually, the assemble of the CPU was costing less than 50K, but then I had decided to upgrade the motherboard with a gaming processor, so the cost increased a little bit. Apart from the CPU, I got a new monitor of 21 inches which is perfect for my work.

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